CBD Gummies

What You’ll Need:

Glass Bowl



Gummy Molds

CBD tincture (or preferred dosage of CBD isolate)

1 Teaspoon Honey

1 ½ Cups Fruit Juice

Food Coloring (optional)

½ Cup Gelatin, with this caveat, especially for the vegetarians or vegans out there. Gelatin is made from animal collagen. So be sure to check out some meat-free options for your gummies


Add gelatin to a medium glass bowl

In a medium saucepan, add the juice and honey and combine over low heat until it starts to simmer, then remove from heat

Add the warm liquid to the gelatin bowl and whisk quickly

Allow to cool for about five minutes, then add CBD oil or CBD isolate to the liquid and whisk

If using food coloring, this is when to add it, then whisk some more

Pour the mixture into the molds and refrigerate until firm

When firm, carefully remove them from the molds and store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place

A different way to add CBD is to put a few drops into each mold, add the gelatin mixture, then top with a few more drops, depending on how many milligrams of CBD you’d like in each gummy. As an option, CBD isolate can be used instead of a tincture, and stirred into the gelatin mix. And remember, the more milligrams you add, the more potent your gummies will be.

This is only one way to make CBD gummies, and with some creativity, practice, and trial and error, you can create your own recipes, designed by you for whatever ails you, whether that be insomnia, anxiety, pain, inflammation, or even if you just want to eat some gummy bears for no reason other than the fact that they just taste good.